Information gathering can be a complicated process for the average person who doesn’t have expertise in the field. With Tampa, FL surveillance services, from the trusted team at Chimera Investigative Group, you can ascertain the facts to make an informed decision on how to proceed in almost any situation.

The elements involved in determining whether someone is being truthful about their actions or where they may be can be complicated, and can require equipment or time that may be unavailable to you. With 100 years combined experience in the field, our trusted team will ensure you have the facts you need to make an informed decision. As experts in physical and electronic monitoring techniques, our trustworthy and understanding team will act on the information you provide to observe and report back to you. With the full truth about the movements of an individual or products, you can make a decision based upon what has actually taken place. We will provide reports on any matter that is a concern, or of importance, to you, and will do so efficiently and accurately. We also offer counter-surveillance services to ensure that you are free to conduct your business securely and privately.

Our services do not stop at basic monitoring techniques. Whatever your requirements may be, our experienced team will be there to meet them and exceed them. Call the Tampa, FL surveillance experts from Chimera Investigative Group today.